Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine

Episode 12: The Benefits of Functional Medicine with Dr. Shane Steadman

November 25, 2022 Ed Paget Season 1 Episode 12
Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine
Episode 12: The Benefits of Functional Medicine with Dr. Shane Steadman
Show Notes

Functional medicine is a term that is largely unfamiliar to the general public, although it was how doctors used to treat patients in the past. Functional medicine can be difficult to define, so comparing it to allopathic medicine can give us a broad understanding of this approach.
In conventional medicine, doctors diagnose a disease and then match it to a specific treatment. This approach works well when someone is diagnosed with an acute healthcare problem such as a heart attack, infection, or trauma like a spinal cord injury. However, this type of medical intervention can fall short of what is required for many chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, digestive issues, or neurological problems.

Functional medicine explores why someone has developed a particular disease, perhaps by looking at their lifestyle and diet or family history. This in-depth investigation suggests potential changes, such as switching to a certain diet, that could improve the patient's condition.

Personalized care is becoming increasingly prevalent in healthcare environments. The functional model aims to understand the individual’s physiological, biological, emotional, and cognitive makeup to determine the best way to achieve optimal health. This is what our guest Dr. Shane Steadman does in his practice being a chiropractic neurologist and a chiropractic nutritionist. In today's episode, he explains how a functional medicine practitioner treats patients; with 20 years of experience, he looks look at all of these different systems in the body and how they integrate, and what we can do to improve the person's health. We also discuss what's most important in the hierarchy of exercise, health, nutrition, stress management and relationships, and avoiding toxic substances.

Join us to learn why sleep, exercise, and nutrition are the foundations of health.

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