Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine

Episode 21: Lifestyle Medicine for Healthy Pregnancies with Dr. Nathan Riley

May 05, 2023 Ed Paget Season 1 Episode 21
Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine
Episode 21: Lifestyle Medicine for Healthy Pregnancies with Dr. Nathan Riley
Show Notes

Choosing between a hospital and home birth is a personal decision. Hospital births typically have access to medical equipment and emergency interventions but may be more likely to encourage unnecessary interventions. Home births offer a more intimate and relaxed setting, which can reduce stress and anxiety for the mother. 

A holistic approach to childbirth can help reduce the need for unnecessary interventions and encourage a more natural birth experience. Expectant parents must educate themselves about the birth process and develop a solid birth plan that outlines their preferences for labor and delivery. This can include exploring different birthing positions, understanding relaxation techniques, and learning about pain relief options that do not rely on medical interventions.

My guest today is Dr. Nathan Riley; he is a renegade in the world of natural birth, death, and parenting and brings a wealth of experience and passion to the conversation. With a background as a medical MD specializing in obstetrics, Nathan has attended over a thousand births and has a C-section rate of less than 5%. He became disillusioned with the standard medical care offered in the US, so he now advocates for midwifery and continues attending births himself. 

Nathan Riley shares his experience of having a hospital birth for his first child and a home birth for his second child. He expresses his concerns regarding the over-medicalization of childbirth in hospitals, which has led to increased intervention rates like early inductions and C-sections. Safety and comfort are crucial when deciding the ideal birthing environment.

He explains why proper nutrition and lifestyle changes ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. During the conversation, Riley shares his insights on preparing for conception by making lifestyle changes 120 days before trying to conceive. By focusing on metabolic health, foundational movement patterns, and sleep hygiene, expectant parents can better prepare their bodies for the journey of pregnancy and childbirth.

Join us to learn how to empower parents more naturally to ensure a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

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