Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine

Episode 22: Revolutionize Your Health Journey: Measuring & Managing Key Health Indicators

May 19, 2023 Ed Paget Season 1 Episode 22
Your Lifestyle Is Your Medicine
Episode 22: Revolutionize Your Health Journey: Measuring & Managing Key Health Indicators
Show Notes

In Today's podcast, Ed Paget shares two ways he tracks his health. Both these methods give external validation to the subjective feelings of well-being. 

The tools discussed here have been instrumental in forming my current exercise, rest, and recovery protocols and will play a role in my health tracking in the future. 
InsideTracker: Analysis and Recommendations

Proactively tracking and measuring health markers is essential for optimizing health and longevity, and InsideTracker is a valuable tool for achieving this. InsideTracker is a blood testing service that analyzes various biomarkers to provide personalized recommendations for improving health. By regularly monitoring relevant blood markers, individuals can identify potential health issues and make targeted interventions based on their needs. In this episode, Ed Paget shares his experience using InsideTracker and how it has helped him optimize his health. He emphasizes the importance of tracking levels of essential nutrients like magnesium and vitamin B12, electrolytes, and fluid balance. Moreover, Paget appreciates the actionable advice provided by InsideTracker, such as adding a multistrain probiotic or sprouted grain cereal to one's diet to help improve specific biomarkers. This personalized approach to health management enables individuals to make effective lifestyle changes based on their unique needs and goals.

Whoop's Sleep Percentage

The Whoop is another essential tool for proactive health management mentioned by Ed Paget in the episode. This wearable device tracks heart rate variability, sleep, and recovery, providing insight into how daily activities affect one's body, recovery levels, and sleep quality. By understanding the percentage of time spent in deep, light, and REM sleep, individuals can identify patterns and make adjustments to optimize rest and recovery. Ed's experience with Whoop has shown him the benefits of tracking sleep percentages and adjusting his lifestyle. He highlights how he has discovered that taking magnesium and vitamin C in the evenings helps improve his recovery and that big evening meals negatively affect his sleep quality. Paget has improved his overall health and well-being by paying attention to these details and making changes.

Lifestyle Factors for Better Health

Beyond using tools like InsideTracker and Whoop, Ed Paget emphasizes the critical role that various lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise, play in achieving optimal health. By adjusting nutrition, supplementation, and exercise routines based on data from these tools, individuals can improve their recovery, prevent overtraining, and prepare for illnesses. Paget shares examples from his personal experiences with making adjustments to his lifestyle. He has noticed that aerobic exercises in the afternoons can negatively affect his recovery, while the proper nutrition and supplementation strategies have improved his recovery levels. By adopting these targeted interventions, Ed highlights the importance of considering multiple lifestyle factors in the journey to optimal health.

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